Internships in Germany for International Students

Internships in Germany for international students are one of the best opportunities for students to add experience to their degrees. If you are looking forward to doing your internships in Germany, we will help you with the best courses and how you can get them.

Germany is one of the countries with the highest-paying courses in the world with over 400,000 international students enrolled in higher institutions. and One of the reasons why students flock to the country is that the cost of rent is 31.6% less expensive than in other countries.

Germany is ranked 3rd in the education ranking list, so you will get a strong educational background and have the chance to be an apprentice in some of the world’s leading companies. The country is also found in the top 3 safest countries in the world. These are some of the things that you take into consideration before one considers going abroad for study or work.

When it comes to internships, getting internships in Germany might not be too difficult for students who are ready for it as they are countless internships in Germany for international students, so there is a high possibility that students will get their preferred type of company to intern with.

Some companies offering internships to international students may or may not choose to pay their interns, but whatever the method, the main reason for the internship is to complete the practical side of your degree as well as possess valuable knowledge in your field of study, or simply to get some work experience to further your career.

Without further ado, let’s find out how to get internships in Germany as an international student.

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How can I get internships in Germany as an international student?

First, you must be enrolled in a German university. If you are an E.U citizen, you can do internships in Germany at any time, but if you are not, you’ll need to provide a residence permit for the internship and you can only obtain it if you are a student at a university in your country.

If your internship or internship program lasts less than 3 months, you need to apply for a type C visa (Schengen visa) and if your internship or internship program will last for more than 3 months, you need to apply for the German national visa, It is of type d.

The next step is to obtain approval from the German Employment Agency. To obtain this approval, you must have taken at least four semesters in the course of study to which the internship you are applying relates. If you are from outside the EU, you will only be granted a visa for internships after this approval from the Employment Agency.

Once you have completed the above, you can move on to finding a company or employer to work with. You can do this by going to the company’s website and clicking on “Careers” to check out available internship opportunities. This must be within your field of study.

You can also search on online platforms such as Germany internships or visit some websites that specialize in helping students find internships with less effort.

Internships in Germany for international students

  •      Online SEO and Marketing Internship
  •      Internship in management law and contracts
  •      Internship and leadership program
  •      IES Internship in Berlin
  •      Data analytics internship
  •      Paid logistics trainee
  •      Corporate Communications Internship

1. SEO and Internet Marketing Internship

1. SEO and Internet Marketing Internship

Studie EU is number one on the list of internships programs in Germany for international students and is one of the most visited study choice websites focused on Europe. They are set to help millions of students from different nationalities around the world to find their dream programs and the right university in Europe.

Its mission is to help international students make their first big life decisions. If you want to help them grow even bigger, you can join them as an SEO and Online Marketing Intern. As part of their international team for September 2022, you will be handling some exciting marketing activities.

Specialty details

  •      You are a registered student (any subject is welcome) and are currently studying abroad, or have previously lived or studied abroad.
  •      You are passionate about helping students from all over the world find the right university in Europe.
  •      You have an understanding or even rudimentary experience with relevant concepts in internet marketing and search engine optimization.
  •      You are fluent in English – other language skills are a huge advantage e.
  •      Learn your way around Microsoft Office, specifically Excel (or other spreadsheet programs like Google Sheets or LibreOffice Calc).
  •      You’re a self-starter and comfortable with planning and executing your work.

Internship period: 2-6 months

Visit the intern’s website here

2. A trainee in administration and contracts law

If you are studying contract administration, business law, or any other similar subject, this internships in Germany may be the best fit for you.

This internship is provided by USU Solutions, a leading provider of software and services for IT management and customer service. Global organizations use their solutions to reduce costs, become more agile and reduce risk – with smarter services, simpler workflows, and better collaboration.

The company has more than 40 years of experience and various locations around the world, with the USU team bringing customers into the future. Internships in Germany with this company will provide you with great opportunities to gain personal insight into their company and get to know them better.

You may get a permanent job here if you do well during your internships in Germany.

Specialty details

  •      Your strength include organizational skills, reliability, and some communication skills
  •      Do you enjoy organized and independent work?
  •      You work carefully and accurately
  •      You had good English and German language skills
  •      You enjoy working with the team.

The residence is Möglingen

Duration: 6 months

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3. Coaching and Leadership Program – a global player

Global Players (GP) is a program created by student-athletes for student-athletes. Global Players programs include a 4 pillar approach to study abroad, play, travel and serve. Compete and train for your sport, expand your horizons and build your resume all while seeing the world!

The thworld-classass player internship program is for fstudent-athletestes who aspire to a future leadership role in coaching, education, ion, and management. The student-athletes in this internship will use their sport as a bridge for different cultures while learning how to drive.

Selected participants are ambassadors for their country as well as for their sport while abroad. This internship lasts 8 to 10 days depending on the location and year chosen.

The program cover the cost of your accommodation, meals, transportation and some other activities.

Location: Berlin

Lead time: 8-10 days

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4. IES Internships in Berlin

IES Internships in Berlin

This internship has been developed by IES Abroad as part of its study abroad programs for over 55 years. They offer summer and semester internships that boost your CV while showing you the world.

IES Internships offer full-time internships abroad with dedicated assistance before, during, ing, and after you go, and guarantee placement in your chosen field. Our network is that good.

The IES Internship in Berlin develops your professional skills and your ability to communicate across cultures and provides essential work experience to launch your career in today’s competitive job market.

If you want to add global brilliance to your resume, you should train with them.

Location: Berlin and Friborg (German locations)

Duration: 8 weeks

5. Data Analytics Internship – Delivery Champion

Delivery Hero is building the next generation of on-demand global deliveplatformsorm. They are the largest food ordering network in the world and are now innovating and creating new verticals such as groceries, pharmacies, flow, ers, and other convenience goods in multiple markets.

Their operations cover 70 countries around the world and they are currently looking for the most talented people to join them to “Always deliver an amazing experience”. If you are passionate about problem-solving and crave a new adventure, an exciting job and a multicultural workplace await you in the heart of Berlin.

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6. Paid logistics internship

This internship is provided by an international trading company in Berlin. The role for this internship will be varied and the intern will be involved in and directly exposed to all areas that make up the Logistics department, namely: warehousing, freight, trucking, and its day-to-day activities.

your activities

  •      Daily contact with logistics partners in all areas of the department;
  •      Collect and issue all necessary logistical documents (eg BL, Certificate Charter Party Certificate, CMR, etc.);
  •      Follow up the implementation of instructions to deliver them to customers according to the terms of the contract and in good condition.
  •      track and trace deliveries;
  •      Inventory turnover report every month for management report;
  •      Coordination and day-to-day interaction with commercial departments on all matters related to logistics; And the
  •      Any other duties related to logistics as required.

Location: Berlin, Germany.

Duration: 6 to 12 months, 40 hours per week.

Go to (Software Update) in MyCAD Delivery Hero for full details.

7. Corporate Communications Internship

Corporate Communications Internship

This trade and negotiation internship is offered in Munchen, Germany by partner company IES Consulting which acts as an online community for international students, who are moving to foreign countries or gaining professional experiences abroad. The community is currently the largest platform worldwide for overseas users.

If you are studying Business, Communication, or other similar courses, feel free to apply for this internship.

Specialty details

  •      Fluency in English.
  •      Be a communicative person who is willing to learn from different departments.
  •      IT skills.

Location: Munich, Germany

Duration: 6-12 months.

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Conclusion for Internships in Germany

Internships in Germany for international students are very beneficial as they help prepare students for real-world jobs. Through this internships in Germany, trainees get the experience of what their future jobs might look like as well as gain specific skills to handle one. If you want to do well in the future then I suggest you go for an internship, this will boost your resume and make you more employable for a real job.

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