ANSO Scholarship for International Students

The ANSO Scholarship in China is offered to talented students from all over the world in order to to help them afford their studies.
The applications for The ANSO Scholarship is now open, So if you like to study in China at a prestigious institution, this opportunity is for you.
We will go into great depth regarding the ANSO Scholarship in this article, along with its benefits and step-by-step instructions for applying, so read carefully.

Why choose UCAS / USTC for pursuing your study?

  • In addition to offering information, advice, and guidance to motivate and ease the transition from high school to college or a degree apprenticeship, the Chinese Academy of Sciences (UCAS) services also offer a wide range of research, consultancy, and advisory services to schools, colleges, careers services, professional bodies, and employers, including apprenticeships.
    Every year, UCAS University assists 1.5 million students in their pursuit of higher education, jobs, and apprenticeships, and it processes almost 3 million applications from around 700 thousand students.
  • The University of Science and Technology of China (USTC) is known as the “Cradle of Scientific Elites in China.” Its educational philosophy places a strong emphasis on fundamental theories and offers students a broad spectrum of advanced training that includes both new and interdisciplinary disciplines of study.

You may like to visit Wikipedia to find out additional information about UCAS/USTC.

About the ANSO Scholarship in China

This program offers master’s and doctorate students a total of 500 bursaries. The Master’s bursary has a 36-month total duration, while the Doctoral bursary has a 48-month total duration. The 15th of February 2023 is the ANSO Scholarship deadline. Chinese citizens are ineligible for this award. This fully financed fellowship offers a wide range of benefits, including monthly salaries, travel expenses, medical insurance, a waiver of tuition, and an airline ticket.

Description of the ANSO Scholarship in China

General Description: Scholarship in China at UCAS, USTC.
Department: Not available.
Fully funded.
Number of grants: Not available.
Course level: Postgraduate (both Master’s and PhD degrees).
Note that there are some students who have no interest in getting a master’s or a PhD degree. So, if you are looking for another degree, you can find many scholarships for Bachelors (undergraduate)
The location of the awarding institution: China.
Nationality: International.
Access method: Online.
Application deadline: The deadline for the ANSO China scholarship is February 15, 2023. Therefore, don’t waste any time and begin your online application right now to seize this fantastic chance.

Eligibility conditions for the ANSO Scholarship

Eligible course or programme for the ANSO Scholarship:

All academic fields are eligible for the ANSO Scholarship in China 2023–2024.

 Other Criteria:

Applicants must meet the following criteria in order to be eligible for the ANSO Scholarship in China:

  • Only foreign students are eligible to apply; Chinese students are ineligible.
  • English or Chinese language proficiency is required.
  • During the time of the scholarship, you are not permitted to take on any additional duties.
  • Your date of birth must be no earlier than January 1st, 1991 if you intend to apply for a Master’s programme.
  • Your date of birth must be no earlier than January 1, 1986, if you intend to apply for a PhD programme.
  • Fulfill the eligibility criteria for admission as foreign applicants of USTC/UCAS.

If you failed the final assessments of your Master’s or PhD programme, you have to face the following problems:

(1) Termination of their scholarships.

(2) Discontinuity of their master’s studies.

(3) Not receiving a formal master’s degree but instead receiving a certificate of attendance for the duration of study undertaken in China.

Eligible countries:

Students from all over the world are eligible to apply for the ANSO scholarship.

Benefits provided by the institution:

The benefits of receiving the ANSO Scholarship are as follows:

  • A complete waiver of the tuition fees for the chosen applicants.
  • A monthly salary of 3000 RMB for master’s programme students.
  • A monthly salary of 6000 or 7000 RMB for doctoral programme students. 
  • Medical insurance.
  • Waiver of application fees.
  • Airline tickets.

How to apply for the ANSO Scholarship?

You, are able to apply for this award online by completing the online application form found on the official website portal. For further information you can visit the official website of this grant by clicking on the following link:

Official Website


ANSO Scholarship is an outstanding opportunity provided to international students in order to enable them to study in China with full funding. Thus, they can pursue their studies without worrying about tuition expenses. So, if you are one of those who aim to study there at one of the world’s top universities, you may like to take this scholarship into account. You need to meet all the requirements in order to take advantage of the opportunity. The applications for the ANSO Scholarship close on February 15, 2023, so we recommend applying as soon as possible.

Questions you may ask before applying for the ANSO Scholarship

Most students wish to know almost everything about the opportunity they are applying for, so we are here to answer the most frequent questions that may come to your minds about the ANSO Scholarship 2023 to remove your worries and help you decide whether these awards are the ones you dream to get or not.

Is Chinese Academy of Sciences good?

UCAS was placed 63rd in the CWUR World University Rankings for 2022–2023, which put it in third place in China behind Tsinghua University and Peking University, and ranked 71–80 in the Times Higher Education World Reputation Rankings, which put it in eighth place in China.

Is USTC a good University?

USTC is regarded as one of the top Chinese institutions by the Times Higher Education World Reputation Rankings as it is ranked 51-60th globally.

After all, getting the ANSO Scholarship is a golden chance to get a top education at a very prestigious university.

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