University of Alberta Scholarships in Canada

University of Alberta Scholarships are fully funded awards provided to both international and domestic students to enable them to get top education in Canada. Students are encouraged to submit applications for the University of Alberta Scholarships 2023. There are several scholarships available at the University of Alberta for deserving and outstanding students. Canadian citizens and overseas students alike are eligible to apply.
We will go into great depth regarding the University of Alberta Scholarships for international students in this article, along with their benefits and step-by-step instructions for applying, so read carefully.

University of Alberta (UAlberta) is a public university established in Alberta. According to the QS World University Rankings, Alberta is placed 5th in the nation and 119th overall. The institution is home to more than 39,000 domestic and foreign students from 150 different nations.

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Why choose University of Alberta for pursuing your study?

The University of Alberta routinely ranks among the top international universities in the world, according to Times Higher Education. The university has more than 400 research and teaching agreements with partners in approximately 50 countries. Of all Canadian universities, ours has the most 3M National Teaching Awards.

About the Scholarships

These scholarships are fully funded scholarships offered for students from all over the world at the bachelor’s, master’s and PhD study levels.

Description of the University of Alberta Scholarships

General Description: Scholarships at the University of Alberta.
Department: Not available.
Fully funded.
Number of grants: Not available.
Course level: Both undergraduate and postgraduate (Master’s and PhD degrees).
The location of the awarding institution: Canada.
Nationality: International.
Access method: Online.
Application deadline: For the University of Alberta Scholarships in Canada, there are 4 intakes per year for overseas students. The following deadlines apply to each intake:

  • For September admission: July 1 (annual).
  • For January admission: November 1 (annual).
  • For May admission: March 1 (annual).
  • For July admission: May 1 (annual).

Eligibility conditions for the University of Alberta Scholarships

Eligible course or programme for the University of Alberta Scholarships for international students :

All academic fields are eligible for the University of Alberta Scholarships for international students 2023–2024.

 Other Criteria:

You need to hold a high school certificate in order to apply for a bachelor’s degree.
You must have a bachelor’s degree to be eligible for a master’s degree.
To take admission to Doctoral Degree, you must hold a master’s degree certificate.

Eligible countries:

Students from all over the world are eligible to apply for these scholarships.

Benefits provided by the institution:

University of Alberta Scholarships 2023 is for students from all over the world who have Multiple Funding Sources such as the Canadian Government and Alberta Government and also from other sources. Details on all available scholarships are provided below:

Entrance scholarships:

Both undergraduate and graduate degree programs can apply for these scholarships. You can apply for these scholarships all at once, as there is no need to apply separately for the awards. As soon as a student is admitted, they are immediately considered for this award.

International Student Scholarships:

These grants are available to new undergraduate students in their first year who have valid student visas. These scholarships are worth up to $9,000 and are payable over a 4-year period.

Gold Standard Scholarship:

These scholarships, which have a maximum value of 6 thousand dollars, are available to the top 5 percent of students in academic achievements.

Doctoral Recruitment Scholarship:

These grants are made to help PhD candidates pay their $5,000/year in tuition obligations.

Masters Degree Entrance Scholarship:

Masters Degree students will get a salary of $17,500 while foreign students will also receive a $10,000 cover fee.

Graduate Excellence Scholarship (AGES):

Students pursuing master’s and doctoral degrees are eligible to receive a grant of $15,000.

How to apply for the University of Alberta Scholarships?

You can apply for these scholarships in Canada online. Just follow the following steps:

  • Create an account by clicking the “Apply Now” link to begin the application process.
  • Fill out the application and upload the required documents.


University of Alberta Scholarships are outstanding opportunities provided to both international and domestic students to enable them to study in China with full funding. Thus, they can pursue their studies without worrying about tuition expenses. So, if you are one of those who aim to study there at one of the world’s top universities, you may like to take this scholarship into account. You need to meet all the requirements in order to take advantage of the opportunity. The application deadlines for the University of Alberta Scholarships are July 1 for September admission, November 1 for January admission, March 1 for May admission and May 1 for July admission, so you can apply when you are ready.

Questions you may ask before applying for the University of Alberta Scholarships

Most students wish to know almost everything about the opportunity they are applying for, so we are here to answer the most frequent questions that may come to your minds about these fully funded scholarships to remove your worries and help you decide whether these awards are the ones you dream to get or not.

Is University of Alberta a good University?

The University of Alberta is a premier university in Canada and one of the top public research institutions in the globe. It is known for its excellence in the humanities, sciences, creative arts, business, engineering, as well as health sciences.

Is it hard to get into Alberta University?

The institution has an admission rate of 58 prcenet, making it one of the hardest Canadian institutions to get into.

After all, getting these University of Alberta Scholarships is a golden chance to get a top education at a very prestigious university.

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