Unige Scholarships 2023 with stipends for International Students

UniGe Scholarships are fully funded scholarships established for talented students aiming to pursue a master’s programme at a prestigious university in Switzerland. So, if you want to have a top education and explore stunning scenery, you may like to take the University of Geneva Scholarships into consideration. Applications for these scholarships are now open for the academic year 2023–2024 to applicants from all around the world. Only master’s degree programs are eligible for the awards.

We will go into great depth regarding UniGe Scholarships in this article, along with their benefits and step-by-step instructions for applying.

The University of Geneva is one of Switzerland’s best universities. It is a Swiss public research university that is situated in Geneva. 

John Calvin founded the university as a theological seminary and law school in 1891. 

We urge you to submit your application for the 2023 University of Geneva Scholarship. 

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Why UniGe for pursuing your studies?

Like the city of Geneva itself, the University has a distinguished international reputation for both the caliber of its teaching and research (it has a ranking among the top universities in the League of European Research Universities). 

Its extensive linkages to several local and global Geneva-based organizations, including the World Health Organization, the International Telecommunications Union, the International Committee of the Red Cross, and the European Organization for Nuclear Research, have contributed to its success.

Brief about UniGe Scholarships 2023

It’s a fantastic chance for overseas students to pursue a master’s degree at a top institution in the globe, which is regarded as the best place to start a career in either academia or the business sector. Computer science, mathematics, physics, chemistry, biochemistry, biology, prehistoric archaeology, geology, environmental science, pharmacy, neuroscience and proteomics, and bioinformatics are among the subjects for which scholarships are available in a broader variety of subjects.

Description of the UniGe Scholarships 2023

General Description: UniGe Scholarships at the University of Geneva.
Department: Not available.
Fully funded.
Number of grants: Not available.
Course level: Postgraduate (master’s) degree.
The location of the awarding institution: Switzerland.
Nationality: Students from all over the world can apply.
Access method: Online.
Application deadline: 15 March 2023.

Eligibility conditions for UniGe Scholarships 2023

Eligible course or programme :

Candidates can apply for the following master’s degree programmes:

  • Mathematics, Chemistry, Prehistoric Archaeology, Computer Science, Neuroscience and Proteomics, Biochemistry, Physics, Bioinformatics, Environmental Science, Geology, as well as Pharmacy.

Eligible countries for the e Scholarships 2023:

Students from all over the world are eligible to apply for the UniGe Scholarships.

 Other criteria for the UniGe Scholarships:

Students must meet the following criteria in order to be eligible for the UniGe Scholarships.

  • This program is for you if you are among the best in your year and have graduated or are pursuing a bachelor’s degree.
  • The candidate must fulfill the requirements for admission to the Master’s programme and be chosen for an Excellence Fellowship based on their application file.

Benefits provided by the UniGe Scholarships 2023:

UniGe Scholarships offers the following benefits to the winners:

  • Excellence Masters Fellowships at the University of Geneva, worth up to CHF 10,000–15,000.
  • If the candidate is academically successful at the end of the first semester of study, it will cover 1 year and extend for the usual length of the chosen Master’s programme ( 3 or 4 semesters).

How to apply for UniGe Scholarships 2023?

International candidates must submit their applications totally online to be considered for the University of Geneva Master Scholarship 2022. You must submit the online application and the relevant supporting documentation in order to be considered for the scholarship. Visit the official website using the link provided at the end of the article for further information and to apply.

Note: In case you are having problems concerning recognition of past performances and deadlines, you can contact the Academic Advisor.

Admission Criteria:

Bachelor’s degree accepted by the University of Geneva. For additional information, the applicant must get in touch with the related Master coordinator.

Language Requirements for UniGe Scholarships:

In the majority of Master’s programs, English is the language of teaching (There are also some french programs). You can pursue a master’s program without taking a French test. For specific details, the applicant must get in touch with the coordinator.


UniGe Scholarships 2023 are fully-funded scholarships provided to all talented international students at the master’s degree level in order to assist them in affording their studies. So, if you aim to have a unique educational experience, you may like to take this opportunity into account. You need to meet all the requirements in order to take advantage of financial aid, you can read our article to know how to write a motivation letter for the scholarship. The application deadline for UniGe Scholarships 2023 is 15 March 2023, so you have enough time to apply.

Questions you may ask before applying for these UniGe Scholarships 2023

Most students wish to know almost everything about the opportunity they are applying for, so we are here to answer the most frequent questions that may come to your minds about UniGe Scholarships to remove your worries and help you to decide whether this award is the one you dream to get or not.

Is University of Geneva good for international students?

According to Best Global Universities, the University of Geneva ranking is #109. Schools are rated in accordance with how well they perform on a number of generally recognized markers of quality.

Is studying in Switzerland worth it?

 Switzerland is a fantastic choice for foreign students looking to study abroad since it is a cultural melting pot with 4 official languages (German, French, Italian, and Romansh), supports global engagement, and is a well-known center for excellence. International students like to pursue their studies in Switzerland for many reasons including the following:

1. People as Diverse as the Geography

With 26 federal states and four national languages, it is not surprising that Switzerland has one of the most diversified populations in all of Europe. Therefore, foreign students can experience Switzerland in the way that most suits them. There is something for everyone, whether it is in or near the Swiss Alps, on the central plateau, in a big city, or out in the countryside.

2. The Scenic Route

International students studying abroad in Switzerland won’t get bored discovering their new home due to its wide variety. Fortunately, there’s another group of individuals who like venturing out and discovering Switzerland’s breathtaking natural beauty: the Swiss themselves. You may travel around one of the most stunning nations on one of the innumerable trains, boats, or buses with the locals. Any student searching for something fun, soothing, or even romantic would love this popular Swiss pastime.

3. High-Class Cities

No worries if you tried your hand at sports but they still aren’t your thing. You can find some of the most stunning and modern cities in Switzerland. City life is at its best in Switzerland’s major cities, whether it be sipping wine at a hip new hangout or attending the opening of a new art gallery. Visit the European headquarters of the UN at the Palace of Nations in Geneva or stroll through the charming alleyways of Zurich’s Old Town. No matter where you choose to live, you will fall in love there.

4. The Rest of Europe is at Your Doorstep

Now that you’ve met some new people and seen what Switzerland has to offer, it’s time to go and experience the rest of Europe. The five other European nations that Switzerland shares a border with are all within easy reach of one another. Switzerland’s transportation infrastructure is to turn your ideal weekend break become a reality with its excellent connections and high level of efficiency. Visit the Black Forest in Germany or Milan, one of the major fashion capitals of the world, in Italy by crossing the border.

After all, we find UniGe Scholarships a great opportunity for students aiming to study in Switzerland.

Please visit the institution’s official website in order to get more information about UniGe Scholarships:

The official website

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