Trudeau Foundation Scholarships for Foreign Students, Canada

Trudeau Foundation Scholarships are now available to all international students who desire to pursue a Ph.D. at Canadian universities. Applications for Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation Scholarships are now open for the academic year 2023–2024. For a maximum of 3 years, each Scholar will receive a stipend of up to 60 thousand dollars per year (including a $20,000 yearly travel allowance).

The former Canadian prime minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau’s friends and family established the Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation, often known as the Trudeau Foundation, as a free-standing, non-partisan Canadian charity in 2001.

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About Trudeau Foundation Scholarships

Trudeau Foundation Scholarships encourage multidisciplinary study and unique fieldwork by offering a sizable yearly allowance for travel and research. This enables the scholars to interact firsthand with a variety of communities that might enhance their studies. Additionally, every Scholar is paired with a renowned Trudeau Mentor chosen by the Foundation from among the most accomplished Canadian professionals in all fields of public life.

Trudeau Foundation Scholarships also give recipients the chance to network with outstanding leaders and dedicated individuals in all areas of the social sciences and humanities, take part in Foundation-sponsored events, and host their own workshops with the assistance of available funding.

Applicants are assessed based on their academic performance, which must meet the highest requirements of the most prominent doctorate bursary programs in the world. Future scholars must also exhibit the potential for vigorous discussion with other scholars and researchers and display a desire to participate in public dialogue.

Description of these Trudeau Foundation Scholarships

General Description: Trudeau Foundation Scholarships.
Scholarship Grant: 
6,200 euros.
Course level: Postgraduate (Research) degree.
Programme Period: Maximum 3 years.
The location of the awarding institution:
Nationality: Both domestic and international students can apply.
Access method: Online.
Application deadline: varies according to institutions (the deadline to apply to the Foundation directly is December 02, 2022).

Eligibility conditions for Trudeau Foundation Scholarships

Eligible course or programme:

Applicants for Trudeau Foundation Scholarships can pursue a full-time research degree in the following fields:

  • Social Sciences.
  • Humanity.

 Other Criteria for Trudeau Foundation Scholarships:

Students must fulfill the following requirements:

  • You must already be enrolled full-time in a PhD programme in the humanities / social sciences, or be in your first, second, or third year of study (broadly defined).
  • Your PhD research must touch on at least one of the Foundation’s four major themes: Responsible Citizenship, Human Rights and Dignity, People and their Natural Environment, as well as Canada and the World.
  • Canadian citizens are eligible, no matter if they are studying at a domestic or overseas university.
  • The programme is open to non-Canadians enrolled in a PhD programme at a Canadian university (including permanent residents and foreign citizens).

Eligible countries:

Students from all over the world are eligible to apply for Trudeau Foundation Scholarships.

Benefits provided by Trudeau Foundation Scholarships:
Recipients of  the Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation scholarships will get the following benefits:

  • Yearly value up to 60 thousand dollars (including a yearly travel allowance of 20 thousand dollars) for each Scholar for a maximum period of 3 years.

How to apply for these Trudeau Foundation Scholarships?

Trudeau Foundation Scholarships application
Trudeau Foundation Scholarships

Please follow the steps below to apply for Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation scholarships:

1- Check out when your university closes applications

Every institution has a different internal deadline, so be sure to submit your application on time.

2- Sign up

Create an account on the Foundation’s application site and sign up when the competition starts. Within 4 business days of enrolling, you will receive an email with a username and password (please check your spam folder if you do not see it). You can log in using your current login information or ask to have your password reset if you already have an account from a prior scholarship competition.

3- Complete the application form

Apply by filling out the application form found in the “Ébauche / Draft” section of the portal after logging in. Additionally, kindly complete the “Coordonnées / Contacts” section of the website with your contact details.

4- Obtain letters of recommendation

When completing the application, you will be prompted to submit the names and email addresses of your two referees. The referees will instantly get an email inviting them to send their letters of recommendation in PDF format to our platform. In order to guarantee that your references submit on time, we suggest you follow up with them.

5- Upload transcripts

Applicants must upload transcripts in one PDF file, and they must include all of their post-secondary coursework. It is not necessary to submit your CEGEP transcripts if you attended a CEGEP in Quebec.

6- Contact your institution

Please let the grants officer in charge of your university’s PETF Scholarship competition know that you have submitted an application for Trudeau Foundation Scholarships . By doing this, you can be certain that your application will be considered during the selection process at your university.

7- Nominations from university

The Foundation requests that all candidates submit their applications directly through its application website. Universities are not obligated to submit their top candidates for the position.

All applicants must submit a full application by December 2, 2022, at 5:00 p.m.. The Foundation will examine and evaluate submissions received by the EST deadline. Despite this procedure, the Foundation is still dedicated to regional representation, language representation, a variety of viewpoints and specialties, as well as other types of diversity.

Language Requirements:

Language Requirements to study abroad
Language Requirements of scholarship

Applicants for Trudeau Foundation Scholarships need to have a good command of the English language in order to be eligible for the opportunity.

Summary of Trudeau Scholarship

Trudeau Foundation Scholarships are great opportunities granted to international students from all over the world in order to help them afford their studies in Canada. So, if you aim to pursue your study there at one of the best universities, you may like to take these scholarships into account. You need to meet all the requirements in order to take the opportunity. The application deadline for Trudeau Foundation Scholarships varies according to institutions. However, we recommend you apply as soon as possible.

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