Scholarships in Poland for International Students

Scholarships in Poland for International Students are currently available for the academic session 2022–2023, as the Silesian University of Technology is glad to give Foreign Students Bursaries for the 1st or 2nd cycle of a complete term of study in Poland under the Excellence Initiative–Research University programme.

Brief about the institution

The Silesian University of Technology (SUT) is a public institution situated in the Polish province of Silesia, with the majority of its facilities in Gliwice city. The institution was established in 1945 by the Lwow Polytechnic Polish professors. and has been organized into 13 faculties, 1 research institute, as well as1 college .

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Why the Silesian University of Technology for pursuing your study?

According to Best Global Universities, the Silesian University of Technology ranks 1514. The Institution serves as a scientific and educational foundation for Upper Silesia, Poland’s most industrialized area. The campuses in these cities is the reason why they are more desirable for residents and visitors.

Brief about these scholarships in Poland for international students

International students who desire to enroll in bachelor’s or master’s degree programmes at the institution are eligible for this award. The scholarship’s total gross value is PLN 21,000, which is disbursed in 3 instalments following the conclusion of each academic examination session.

Description of these scholarships in Poland for international students

General Description: Scholarship at the Silesian University of Technology.
Department: Not available.
Grant: 21 thousands PLN.
Number of grants: Not available.
Course level: Both undergraduate (bachelor’s) and postgraduate (master’s) degrees.
Note that there are some students who have no interest in getting a bachelor’s or a master’s degree. So, if you are looking for another degree, you can find many scholarships for Ph.D
The location of the awarding institution: Poland.
Nationality: Foreign students can apply.
Access method: Online.
Application deadline: Students must submit applications by October 31, 2022.

Eligibility conditions

Eligible course or programme:

Students can apply for any programme available at the university.The bachelor’s programmes include Biomedical engineering, Biotechnology, Civil engineering, Circular Economy and other programmes, while master’s programmes include: Architecture, Automation and Robotics, Biotechnology, Civil engineering, Control, Electronics, and Information Engineering (CEIE), Electrical engineering, Industrial and Engineering Chemistry and other programmes.

 Other Criteria:

Students must fulfill the following criteria:

  • Candidates must be foreign.
  • They must have to enroll in a bachelor’s degree.
  • They must meet requirements proving they were among the top learners at their previous educational level, as well as pay the university’s first-semester tuition fee.

Eligible countries:

Students from all countries are eligible to apply.

Benefits provided by the institution:
In order to help international students pursue their studies abroad, the institution will give PLN 21,000 gross, and it will be transferred in three installments after each successfully finished examination session at the institution.

How to apply for these scholarships in Poland for international students?

Once students are prepared to submit their applications, they are able to go to the online application portal. Applicants then need to finish the online application form.

Admission Requirements:

The following are the requirements to participate in the contest:

  • In the case of the first cycle, students must complete secondary school with a final grade that places them among the top 20% of alumni from a given year in classes with comparable curricula, which must be verified by the school principal in writing in either Polish or English, pay a semester’s worth of tuition for their studies at the Silesian University of Technology, and submit an application using the template found in Annex No. 1 to this Ordinance.
  • In the case of the second-cycle, students must complete the first-cycle studies with the highest grade stipulated in the regulations in force in a given institution, verified by either the dean or the rector of that institution in a writing either in Polish or in English and pay a semester tuition fee for education at the Silesian University of Technology and submit an application using the template found in Annex No. 1 to this Ordinance.
  • In the future, the Committee will stand for the Rector’s Committee for Awards and Pro-quality Programmes. In accordance with the requirements of Annex No. 2 to this Ordinance, they must evaluate the received applications & record the meeting minutes.
  • The Rector will decide whether to award a scholarship after taking the Committee’s evaluation into account.
  • The total amount awarded for the scholarship specified in section 1 is 21,000 PLN.
  • The university will pay the grant in PLN in 3 equal payments. The data form template is included in this Ordinance’s Annex No. 4.

Supporting or additional documents:

The Committee considers the following criteria when it assesses the applications:

  • For first-cycle students, a copy of the applicant’s grades on the enrollment certificate; for second-cycle students, a portion of the first-cycle studies.
  • Statement.
  • A teacher’s written opinion was created in either Polish or English.
  • Every verified accomplishment in the domains of science, sports, as well as organizational disciplines, especially the outcomes of subject contests.

Language Requirements:

Candidates needed to speak either English or Polish well. Applicants can also translate the documents into Polish or English according to standard practice.


The Silesian University of Technology is inviting international students to take advantage of its scholarships. Thus, they can afford their studies in Poland. So, if you aim to study there at one of the best universities in the country, you may like to take these scholarships into account. You need to meet all the requirements in order to take the opportunity. Students must submit applications by October 31, 2022, so you have enough time to apply.

Questions you may ask before applying for these scholarships in Poland for international students

Most students wish to know almost everything about the opportunity they are applying for, so we are here to answer the most frequent questions that may come to your minds about thes scholarships and the university that has established them to remove your worries and help you to decide whether this award is the one you dream to get or not.

Is Silesian University of Technology good?

The Silesian University of Technology ranks as the 1514th best university in the world. Schools ranking is based on how well they perform against a set of generally recognized indicators of excellence.

Is Silesian university of technology good for international students?

The Silesian University of Technology undoubtedly ranks among the top 20 educational institutions in Poland thanks to the quality of its curriculum, making it the university of choice for many students. In accordance with worldwide rankings, the university is among the top 5%.

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