Naughton Scholarship 2023 With Salary, Ireland

Naughton Scholarship 2023 is a brilliant opportunity offered by the Naughton Foundation in order to make students more effective in the world.

In this article, we will go into great depth regarding this scholarship, its benefits and how to apply. So, if you wish to get a scholarship in the Republic of Ireland, this scholarship can be perfect for you!


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About the Institution

In 1994, Martin and Carmel Naughton started the Naughton Foundation. It is a private family organization whose mission is to aid deserving educational and artistic endeavors. We made the decision to establish the scholarship program in 2008 to expand our assistance to Leaving Certificate students who wish to pursue studies in engineering, mathematics, science, and technology at the 3rd level in the Republic of Ireland. Naughton Foundation Scholarship was once only available to students from the counties of Louth, Meath, and Monaghan. However, it has become available to students from all the counties in Ireland.

Description of Naughton Scholarship 2023

Details of Naughton Scholarship

Institution(s): Naughton Foundation.

Location: The Republic of Ireland.

Eligible Countries: Domestic students are eligible to apply.

Application Method: Online.

Application Deadline: The applications for this scholarship will be open until the 10th of June 2023 (midnight).

By midnight on September 6, 2023, all candidates must login to their accounts using their original email address and password and submit online both their Leaving Certificate results and information on third-level offers they have received. This data may be subject to change if LC and CAO dates are moved as in the past few years.

Eligibility Criteria for Naughton Foundation Scholarship

Naughton Foundation Scholarship is available to all second-level students who:

  • Have been studying at recognized schools in Ireland for at least 2 years immediately prior the taking the Leaving Certificate exam;
  • Are taking exams in at least two of the “Applicable Subjects” (the following math and science Leaving Certificate subjects):
  • Mathematics, Applied Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Physics and Chemistry, Biology, Engineering, Agricultural Science, Technology, Design, and Communication Graphics;
  • Plan to enroll in a full-time, three-year or longer undergraduate degree in engineering, science, or technology at any publicly funded university or 3rd level institution in the Republic of Ireland, including Northern Ireland, in the year immediately following their LC.


  • Naughton Foundation Scholarship will be available for almost all 3rd level programmes in engineering, science, and technology that are 3 years or more in length and offered by any publicly funded university or 3rd level institution in the Republic of Ireland, including Northern Ireland. Any course must be registered with and recognized by the CAO or UCAS systems.
  • Wales, Scotland, and England courses are not acceptable. Please be aware that there are so many courses available at all the universities and colleges that it would be difficult to provide a complete list of all eligible courses.
  • However, in general, bursaries are only available for courses that are general science, maths, technology and engineering degrees rather than more focused practitioner courses in medicine, dentistry, nursing, architecture, or veterinary. If you are unsure whether the course you want to take is eligible, send an email at [email protected].

How to Apply for Naughton Scholarship 2023

All second-level students who satisfy the requirements of Naughton Foundation Scholarship are welcome to apply. Each applicant must submit an application that includes their personal information, educational background, desired third-level course options, and a motivation letter.

Candidates should complete their application Forms online. Beginning on March 1, 2023, application forms will be available on the Foundation’s website.


  • Students in Dublin and Cork should select their location based on the City/County Council where their school is situated.
  • Please provide a valid email address because we will only acknowledge you by email. Once you have received your Leaving Certificate results and college offer, it is your responsibility to upload them to the Naughton Foundation website.
  • Once you submit your application, you will receive an automatic response email. Please contact Naughton at [email protected] if you do not get this email.
  • The cover letters in Section III of the application form should get special attention since they will significantly affect your application.

If you are not sure that your cover letter is pretty good, our article Motivation Letter for Scholarship in simple words can be your guide to improve your cover letter or even craft a professional one!

Application Process for Naughton Scholarship 2023

For this year, applying for Naughton Foundation Scholarship includes 4 steps:

  1. You click to sign up for our portal. You must provide your own username (email address) and password.
  2. You will receive an email for verification. You can log into the site after clicking the verification link.
  3. You will begin your application, complete it, and then submit it. Before submitting your application, you are free to save your work and log in and out as frequently as you like.
  4. You will log back into the site to enter your leaving certificate results and your CAO /UCAS offer whenever you get them.

Please be aware that Naughton Scholarship 2023 applications are not finished until submitting LC results and CAO offers. Note that submissions submitted after the deadline will not be considered. You can print a copy of your application form for your own records. If you have any questions about the application form, send an email to [email protected].

Application Process for Naughton Scholarship

Selection Criteria for Naughton Scholarship 2023

The Trustees of The Naughton Foundation have created a Selection Panel to evaluate each submission. Candidates with the highest overall Leaving Certificate scores in the relevant subjects will get significant consideration and priority (Mathematics, Applied Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Physics and Chemistry, Biology, Engineering, Agricultural Science, Technology and Design and Communication Graphics). The Selection Panel will, though, also examine and assess the qualifications and qualities of applicants using a number of additional factors, such as:

  • the candidate’s potential, desire, and ability for further study in the subject of their choice.
  • the presence and seriousness of any disadvantages or obstacles that may impede or prevent the candidate from pursuing the field of their choice.
  • the applicant’s drive, dedication, and aptitude for gaining from a third-level education and successfully completing the course of study.
  • The cover letters of the applicants will have an impact on their chances of success.

The candidate must indicate how much he or she satisfies Naughton Foundation Scholarship requirements by filling out the application form, especially the motivation letter.

Please be aware that in general scholarship winners have so far earned more than 500 CAO points in their LC exams.

The Selection Panel will create a shortlist of applicants, and certain applicants may be requested to appear in an interview with the Selection Panel. The candidate’s application and the extent to which he or she fits the selection criteria will be the primary topics of discussion during the interviews. The interviews will take place upon completion of the Leaving Certificate. Applicants who are selected for interviews will be notified one week in advance of the interview’s date, time, and location. Phone interviews might also be conducted.

Naughton Scholarship Results

By the middle of October, Naughton will inform scholarship winners. After this date, it will announce and send all applicants the complete list of Naughton scholarship 2023 winners.

General Data Protection Regulation

  • The Trustees of The Naughton Foundation and the Selection Panel shall both have access to any personal information provided in an application. Naughton will use personal data only when determining whether an applicant is qualified to receive a scholarship and when choosing the winners of scholarships.
  • Naughton will release Information about the bursary winners to their schools, and the national and local press, and post them on its website.
  • Every piece of information is stored on servers that are securely encrypted by our IT service provider. Only members of the Naughton Selection Panel get a password that allows them temporary access to this data.
  • Naughton doesn’t share data with any other organizations.
  • You can send Naughton an email at any time and ask for a copy of the application you submitted to it. It will provide it to you. By emailing it at [email protected], you can also ask it to update, modify, or delete the details of your application.
  • All candidates must give their agreement to the use of their data for the purpose of determining their eligibility for Naughton scholarship 2023 by indicating their consent on the application Form.

General Terms & Conditions

  • The selection panel has the right to ask individual applicants or referees for more information at any time.
  •  The Selection Panel may decide that a student is disqualified from the granting of a scholarship if they are currently receiving or are eligible for another major bursary, training allowance, or educational payment.
  • The Naughton Foundation Trustees reserve the right to make changes to this bursary scheme at any time, to terminate it, and/or to make any decisions necessary to ensure that it operates as intended. Any decisions made by the Trustees regarding these matters will be final, and there will be no right of appeal.

Frequently Asked Questions about Naughton Scholarship 2023

Most students want to know almost everything about the scholarship they are applying for. So, we have written the answers to the frequently asked questions that may come to your mind. So, if you consider getting Naughton Scholarship 2023, you really need to read carefully.

I’m retaking the Leaving Certificate. Can I still submit an application?

Yes, we accept applications from students who retake their LC examinations.

I must include my Non-Academic Activity in one of the cover letters. What does this imply?

Any interest you have outside of school, such as participating in BTYS, Sci-Fest, Olympiads, music, GAA, all other Sports, dance and the arts, volunteering, etc., is a non-academic activity. To ensure that our choices are not entirely reliant on exam results, we are simply attempting to gain a more comprehensive understanding of candidates as a whole.

I submitted my application, but I didn’t receive an email of acknowledgment?

When a candidate applies to Naughton, they should get an email in response. Check your spam folder if you didn’t receive one. If it’s not there, send it an email at [email protected] to make sure your application was uploaded properly.

I submitted an application, but I’ve changed my mind about the CAO choices?

You can submit your application by the deadlines Naughton Foundation has set, choose your CAOs, and then change your mind afterward. When you complete your application in August by uploading your Leaving Certificate results and CAO offer online, you will see a box with a space to explain any details you want to change in your original application.

Before I attend college, I’m taking a gap year. Still eligible to apply for Naughton Scholarship 2023?

No, Naughton will only consider applicants who plan to begin their university in September of the Leaving Certificate year. This could be given another look under exceptional situations.

Can I get my LC results re-checked and still can apply?

No, sadly. Because we have to look through all of the scholarship applications within the last week of August, we can only evaluate applications depending on LC results, which are known in mid-August.

Can I receive both a Naughton Scholarship and a SUSI grant?

Obtaining a local government grant is something we have no issue with. However, it’s necessary to check if this is ok with your local authority office or SUSI.

What is the value of the Naughton Foundation Scholarship?

The value of a Naughton Scholarship 2023 is €20,000 for a 4-year bachelor’s degree, or €15,000 for a 3-year degree (5,000 Euros per year).

For further questions, you can visit FAQ.


Naughton Foundation in Ireland offers Naughton Scholarship 2023 to domestic students. So, they can pursue their studies with financial aid. Naughton Scholarship 2023 is worth about 15,000-20,000 Euros. The applications for Naughton Scholarship 2023 will open on 1 March 2023 and close on 10 July 2023. So, if you think that this scholarship is good for you, you need to get ready for applying.


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