Internships in Canada for International Students (Hot Programs)

This article contains the best internships in Canada for international students. It also explains in detail how to get it. So, if you have nurtured the idea of getting an internship in Canada as an international student, I urge you to stay glued to this post.

Most of the time, we assume that applying to study or work abroad in Canada is the only way to gain foreign exposure. This is not entirely true as internship opportunities also give you a platform to understand Canadian culture and mingle with other international students.

One of the best decisions you can make as an international student is to get an internship in Canada. It will help you build an international network, hone your English language skills and provide you with immeasurable global experience.

Now, if you are going for an internship or to study abroad, you must have a look at the safest place to do so. This is why I ask every student to read what they need to know as they plan to study abroad. This will help open their eyes to the things they should expect.

Articles on tips for students to study abroad are also great to look at. Do you also know that apart from the high-level professional experiences that you will gain from Canadian training, you can also study in Canada for free? There are also ways you can study in Canada without IELTS or GMAT

If you are hearing all of these for the first time, check them out as you may need them. Let’s quickly explore how you can get an internship in Canada as an international student. Please pay close attention.

Can I go to Canada for internships?

Yes, you can apply and go to Canada for an internship as long as you have the requirements such as a visa.

How can I get an internship in Canada as an international student?

It is important to note that getting an internship in Canada is not as difficult as you think, however, without proper guidance and guidance, it can be a challenging task. So, to reduce this problem, we have created this article to help you out.

Just like we have listed the requirements to study in Canada, follow me closely as I explain carefully how you can also get an internship in the same country.

The quickest way to secure an internship in Canada as an international student is through the school where you are studying or have studied. But if it is not available, follow the steps below.

  •      You must have a good command of the English language, or at least reach an intermediate level.
  •      You must be open-minded and curious to learn about new cultures.
  •      You must have some previous work experience.
  •      You must have a strong resume and a well-written essay
  •      You should know what job you want and look for such programs.
  •      You can use trustworthy internship sites like LinkedIn, Indeed, and to search for programs.
  •      Networking with individuals (coaches and classmates) can help you secure training opportunities.

Without further hesitation, let us dive properly into Internships in Canada for International Students.

Internships in Canada for international students

Below are the different internship opportunities for international students who are in Canada. I will include and explain them for you to get complete insights.

Our data were obtained from in-depth research on the topic in sources such as overseas and . Read carefully.

  •      internships in Toronto with the intern Group.
  •      Ski and Snowboard Instructor Internship: Training + Paid Job
  •      Ski instructor internship with Alltracks Academy
  •      Paid Interns in Canada with North America International Exchange
  •      Student training in Canada
  •      intern in Toronto with STEPWEST
  •      INTERNeX – Internships in Business, Engineering, Marketing, and more in Canada
  •      BUNAC: Intern in Canada
  •      Toronto internship with Beyond Academy

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1. Internship in Toronto with The Intern Group

1. Internship in Toronto with The Intern Group

Internships in Toronto with the Interns Group are first on our list. This internship opportunity provides you with professional development and experiences in areas such as education, communications, economics, architecture, arts, conservation, conservation, etc.

It gives you access to career advancement programs, and visa support if that works for you. It takes place in Toronto Canada and lasts from 6 to 24 weeks. Upon completion of the program, you will join our alumni network with talented individuals from over 150 countries.

Apply now.

2. Ski and Snowboard Instructor Internship: Training + paid job

This is another internship in Canada for international students. It aims to train and help you qualify as an accelerated pace-skating instructor. You will be trained by the best international trainers, after which you will get the qualification of a recognized trainer for work.

The awarded qualification is accredited by the International Ski Instructors Association (ISIA), which means you are open to working at the best ski resorts around the world. The duration of the program is 4 weeks and is available to professionals in the field of tourism and education.

Apply Now.

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3. Ski Instructor internship with the Alltracks Academy

Ski instructor internship with Alltracks Academy is focused on providing you with the advanced knowledge and skills to become a professional ski instructor. Alltracks Academy in association with the University of Whistler Blackcomb Snow School offers courses that can help you a lot.

The duration of the training is 3 weeks and upon successful completion, you can secure a job in world-class places such as Whistler. It is for those who work in the sports science and education industry.

Application available now here.

4. Internships that are paid in Canada with the North American International Exchange

This is also one of the courses in Canada for international students. It takes place in Vancouver, Montreal, and Toronto, Canada. The training provides an opportunity to work and travel in Canada. You can stay in Canada to work for about 12 months.

The program is for industries such as sports science, tourism, advertising, marketing, finance, culinary arts, hospitality, international business, etc., and is open to US nationals between the ages of 18-35.

Get in touch with International Exchange of North America (IENA)

5. Student Internships in Canada

Student internships in Canada are among the internship opportunities that international students can explore. It aims to give you professional experience as well as help you develop your professional skills in the workplace. It takes place in the 4 largest business cities in Canada – Calgary, Toronto, Vancouver, and Montreal.

The program duration is around 8 to 24 weeks and includes industries such as architecture, economics, finance, communications, design, computer science, and many more.

Find more here.

6. Intern in Toronto with STEPWEST

You can also practice in Toronto with STEPWEST as an international student. STEPWEST offers you the opportunity to intern with the best companies in Canada, though without being paid. You will gain endless experience in your chosen field, as well as increase your level of English.

Internships are designed to meet your needs and help you gain more skills to thrive in your field of study.

Apply from here.

7. INTERNeX – Internships in Business, Engineering, Marketing, and More in Canada

7. INTERNeX - Internships in Business, Engineering, Marketing, and More in Canada

INTERNeX helps provide training opportunities that relate to your goals and interests. It helps you secure practical training focused on your background.

Whether you want to train for college credit or gain experience for postgraduate study, we welcome you to the platform. The courses included in INTERNeX include areas such as science, finance, business administration, marketing, social media, public relations, event management, and many others.

Apply now.

8. BUNAC: internships in Canada

BUNAC helps you find internship opportunities in industries such as tourism, finance, media relations, sports science, business, communications, etc.

It helps connect you with placements according to your skills, goals, and interests. You will learn how to present yourself to future employees with your international work experience. The program takes place in Vancouver, Canada.

To learn more, click here

9. Toronto internship with the Beyond Academy

Toronto Internship with Beyond Academy is an internship program in Canada for international students. The Academy helps you choose training programs that match your interests and goals. The program is available in 18 industries, for a period of 1 to 6 months.

Start dates & Apply from this link.


internships in Canada as an international student is a sure way to boost your CV and make you stand out among other individuals. I hope you will take advantage of the information provided to find courses that match your goals and interests.

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Internships in Canada for International Students – Frequently Asked Questions

Here are frequently asked questions about internships in Canada for international students. Do go through them carefully.

Do interns in Canada get paid?

Yes, there are paid internships for students in Canada.

Can I go for an internship in Canada without a visa?

No, one of the requirements to study or train in Canada is to have a visa.

How much do interns make in Canada?

Interns in Canada earn about $36,558 annually or $18.75 per hour.

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