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BCG internship is a great opportunity to create real-world impact and go beyond what you thought was possible. So, if you are interested in getting one of the BCG summer internships 2023, you need to give this BCG internship the opportunity to make up your mind and apply for it.


  • What is BCG (Boston Consulting Group)
  • About Boston Consulting Group Internship
  • BCG Internship Requirements
  • BCG Internship Benefits
  • BCG Internship Acceptance Rate
  • How to Apply for BCG Summer Internships 2023
    • Interview Tips and Tricks to Help You Get BCG Internship

In order to know how valuable the opportunity is, you must first know the party offering it. So, before talking about the Boston Consulting Group internship, we must first address the Boston Consulting Group.

What is Boston Consulting Group (BCG)

Boston Consulting Group collaborates with influential figures in business and society to address their most pressing issues and seize their biggest opportunities. When BCG was established in 1963, it was a business strategy pioneer. Today, it assists customers with entire transformation-inspiring complex change, allowing organizations to develop, creating competitive advantage, and generating bottom-line impact.

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Organizations need to combine human and digital skills in order to prosper. Change may be sparked by the deep industry and functional knowledge, a variety of viewpoints, and global diversity of our workforce. By combining cutting-edge management consulting with technology and design, corporate and digital initiatives, and business purposes, BCG provides solutions. It collaborates uniquely throughout the firm and at all levels of the client organization, resulting in outcomes that enable its clients to prosper.

BCG offers several different internships annually. In this article, we are trying to cover the most important details of one of the best BCG summer internships 2023.

About Boston Consulting Group Internship

BCG GAMMA teams are responsible for the entirety of the analytics value chain, including framing new business challenges, developing cutting-edge algorithms, deploying scalable solutions, and empowering clients and colleagues to fully embrace AI. BCG’s product line includes both fully customized and cutting-edge AI software solutions for various industries.
As a forward-deployed Software Engineer, you will work with BCG’s rapidly expanding engineering team to develop the upcoming AI solutions. You will have the opportunity to collaborate with clients to design, develop, and implement cutting-edge solutions across a range of BCG regions, industries, and pressing issues like climate change. Additional duties include creating and presenting thought leadership in scientific communities and publications as well as organizing conferences on behalf of BCG GAMMA.

BCG Internship Requirements

Applicants for Boston Consulting Group internship must be currently enrolled in a university degree programme in one of the following fields: Computer Research Science, Statistics, Operations Research, or any other related field.

BCG is seeking qualified professionals that are passionate about software development, big data analytics, and converting companies into AI-led creative firms.

  • Use software development best practices and standards to create reliable and maintainable software.
  • Efficiently involved in all phases of the software development life cycle.
  • knowledgeable about the best techniques for robust software development and how to guide non-technical teams and consultants in using them.
  • Enhance and improve the computational effectiveness of algorithms and software design.
  • Motivated by working in a fast-paced, service-oriented atmosphere and interacting with customers directly on new features for upcoming product releases.
  • Appreciate working in teams to discuss software design and solution concepts.
  • A natural problem-solver with intellectual curiosity for a variety of subjects and industries.

BCG Internship Technologies

Programming Languages required for the Boston Consulting Group internship is Python.

For the BCG internship candidates from the United States: Boston Consulting Company (“BCG”) is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action employer. All the candidates eligible for the BCG summer internships 2023 will be given consideration for employment regardless of sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, race, religion, age, color, national origin, disability, protected Veteran status, or any other characteristic protected by applicable law.

Candidates should be informed that BCG presently enforces a policy mandating complete COVID-19 vaccination for all United States and Canada-based employees. Before starting work, newly recruited staff must have completed all required vaccinations. As an equal opportunity employer, BCG will make reasonable accommodations for anyone who cannot be vaccinated due to medical or religious reasons, as long as doing so does not place an undue burden on the company and is permitted by relevant federal, state, provincial, and local laws.

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What GPA Do You Need for BCG?

An applicant should have a minimum GPA of 3.6 at BCG to eliminate any potential academic performance concerns. However, lower GPAs do not automatically disqualify an applicant,  a resume with a 3.2 GPA can still advance to the following stage if it demonstrates exceptional achievements in other areas.

BCG Internship Benefits

Boston Consulting Group provides a comprehensive benefits program, including the following:

Medical, dental and vision coverage, parental leave and family planning benefits, mental health offerings, financial guidance, telemedicine services, caregiving resource, a generous retirement program, life, accident and disability insurance, paid time off as well as many other benefits.

BCG Internship Salary

The following table shows the first-year base compensation for this BCG internship role:

Forward-Deployed Lead Software Engineer $225,400 USD
Forward-Deployed Senior Software Engineer $190,000 USD
Forward-Deployed Software Engineer III $160,000 USD
Forward-Deployed Software Engineer II $145,000 USD
Forward-Deployed Software Engineer I $110,000 USD

BCG Internship Acceptance Rate

The acceptance rate for a Boston Consulting Group internship is an average of 6% to 8%.

How to Apply for BCG Summer Internships 2023

Do you anticipate submitting a BCG internship application? In that case, it is preferable to begin preparing the year before you want to participate. There are just a few summer internship slots available each year, so you’ll need to distinguish yourself from the many other applicants and surpass BCG’s strict requirements.

The application process for a Boston Consulting Group internship programme involves three steps.

Step #1 – Apply Online with a Motivation Letter and CV

Candidates must submit applications for BCG internship positions via BCG’s career page. Make a profile, add a resume or CV, and a motivation letter (cover letter). Typically, candidates begin the application process for these BCG internship programs in their sophomore or junior year and finish it in the summer before their junior or senior year.

Pro-tip for a BCG Internship CV

Highlighting prior internship experience will help set your CV apart from those of other candidates, particularly if you can measure the effect you made or emphasize transferrable skills, such Excel and PowerPoint proficiency.

A good motivation letter for applying for the BCG summer internships 2023 includes:

Opening: Start with a succinct and direct introduction. Introduce yourself briefly and indicate that you are interested in working for the company for which you are applying, indicating the particular position you seek. Your motivation for wanting to work in consulting should be stated in 1-2 sentences.

Paragraph 1: Introduce yourself and discuss why you feel you would be a good fit for the company you are writing to.

Paragraph 2: Identify the characteristics the company seeks in consultants and describe how you meet those requirements.

Paragraph 3: Share a personal experience to demonstrate that you possess the qualities the company is seeking. Describe your prior accomplishments in terms of your abilities and skills. If you can put a number on the impact you contributed to throughout that encounter, all the better.

Paragraph 4 (optional): Share any other stories that can help your case. The strongest story should come first, the second-strongest story should come last, and the weakest (but still good) stories should come in the middle.

Paragraph 5 (optional): Address any application red flags, such as a low GPA.

Closing: Reiterate your interest before concluding the letter.

Pro-tip for a BCG Internship Cover Letter

Answering the three questions “why consulting,” “why BCG,” and “how you can contribute to the company” in a compelling cover letter will help you to showcase your major selling points.

Use the following basic sections in this correct sequence for a solid BCG internship curriculum vitae:

  • Personal Information
  • Work Experience
  • Non-work Experience / Extracurricular Activities
  • Education
  • Additional Skills and Interests

Tips to Submit a Great BCG Internship Application

Keep things simple

The first document a recruiter opens is your curriculum vitae. The fewer colors, images, and other icons that clutter the page, the easier it will be on the eyes. We advise using a straightforward layout unless you are a graphic designer looking to showcase your talent. A recruiter should be able to easily follow your professional progress and trajectory from your CV. Recruiters can readily get the information they need from your internship application by maintaining a straightforward layout.

Many candidates believe cover letters are not usually read. Because we want to get to know you, recruiters genuinely do read them over numerous times. They want to understand your motivations and make sure you’ve thought about the fundamental issues of “why BCG” and “why consulting.” Use your cover letter to reflect on who you are now, who you aspire to be in the future, and how a position at BCG will help you get there rather than restate information we have already seen on your CV.

Don’t tell, just show

When describing your experience on your resume, use verbs over adjectives as a priority. It’s alright if you don’t have a lot of professional experience. What actually important are your varied accomplishments and prior experiences, whether they were gained while attending school or otherwise.

Try not to overexplain any gap in your employment history on your curriculum vitae or motivation letter if you have any. Sometimes, we might become fixated on the notion that a profession develops linearly, but that isn’t how things really work out. Whatever you performed during the period that appears on your CV as a gap, you probably learned skills that you can use in your profession.

Rather than going into great depth on a CV or motivation letter, concentrate on emphasizing those skills in the interview.

Instead of worrying about the length of your cover letter or resume, concentrate on highlighting your qualities and accomplishments.

Never submit your first draft

It may seem apparent, but creating a strong cover letter or CV requires time and effort. Spend some time considering what it is about BCG and the position you are looking for that genuinely intrigues you. When you go down to compose your cover letter, have that in mind. Asking friends or relatives to edit your writing is also helpful since it provides you with a second set of eyes.

Do not rush through the application process for an internship to ensure that you do not make any obvious errors.

For instance, avoid submitting papers in editable formats like Word. When materials are delivered to us in non-editable forms, like PDFs, it makes our jobs as recruiters considerably simpler.

Step #2 – Pass the Online Assessment

Only certain geographical areas may use the online assessment, and BCG offers several alternative test versions. It’s essential to speak with your HR representative about the application process for the position you are applying for.

The BCG online assessment is an online test where the applicant is asked questions with multiple-choice answers. The online test has several quantitative questions. Students are given a summary of a client, their business challenge, and information related to the client’s business & the overall market (revenues, market size, costs, business lines, etc.)

These BCG internship tests are made to evaluate the following skills:

  • Quantitative aptitude
  • Business judgment
  • Logical thinking

Step #3 – Attend the Interview Rounds

Less than 15% of applicants receive a call for an interview, so you need to make a great effort to get to step 3.  

At BCG summer internships 2023, there are primarily two types of interviews:

Skills Interview

This interview is what most people would consider a traditional interview, where BCG assesses your skills and experience in relation to the role for which you have applied. You should avoid the temptation to simply reiterate your resume or CV. Make sure you come prepared to showcase your personality and your reasons for wanting to work at BCG.

The interviewer spends around 10 to 15 minutes on behavioral inquiries to know more about the candidate and their fit for the company. Common inquiries include:

  • why consulting?
  • Why BCG?
  • Describe an instance when you encountered a dispute and how you handled it.

To assist you in structuring your story preparation, we introduce the A STAR(E) structure. To summarize, A STAR(E) means:

A—Answer, Begin by providing a one-sentence answer to the interviewer’s query.

S—Situation, Describe the situation ( circumstance). When and where did the story’s events take place? Who participated?

T—Tension, What was the dispute about?

A—Action, How did you deal with the tense situation?

R — Result, What outcomes did your action produce?

(E)—Effect, What have the circumstances and the subsequent events taught you? (E) Effect is in parenthesis since not every story will require it.

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Problem-solving Interview

A case study interview will be used to evaluate your problem-solving skills if you are applying for a client-facing role. In addition to any technical or specialized skills required for the position, this interview will test your numerical abilities, business acumen, and communication style.

The interviewer spends between 30 to 55 minutes on a business case to evaluate your aptitude for structuring and resolving business issues.

BCG case interviews are candidate-led so, you need to take the interviewer through the steps you took to resolve the issue.  Candidates have the option to request data; if data is provided, they will be required to offer analyses or estimates based on the graphs and data.

Consider the interview process as a chance to establish a strong fit—between you, the position, BCG’s culture and values—as you get ready for your interview at BCG. You’ll get the chance to ask BCGers questions to get to know BCG better as it evaluates your abilities and experience, learn about your talents, hobbies, and how you collaborate with other individuals.

In order to ace a BCG internship case interview you need to master the following key success factors:

  • 1st Step: Comprehend the question being posed.
  • 2nd Step: Give the problem some serious thought and organize your strategy for resolving it.
  • 3rd Step: Ask appropriate questions, use the interviewer’s knowledge to create hypotheses about the issue, and look into potential solutions.
  • 4th Step: Persuasively summarize the conclusion of your case interview.

Interview Tips and Tricks to Help You Get a BCG Internship

Make sure you’re ready

Recognize the position for which you are interviewing. Find out as much as you can about the company’s background and capabilities.

Be authentic

BCG hiring staff strives for individuals with a variety of backgrounds and points of view.

Show enthusiasm

Arrive eager to discuss your experiences and learn more about BCG, and the position you are going for.

Evaluate BCG

Take advantage of the chance to decide if BCG is the correct match for you.

Pose inquiries

In the same way that BCG interviews you, you interview them as well. Bring forth your own curiosity.

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